The Garden

Pt. San Pablo Yacht Harbor used to have a very special attraction which encouraged return visitors and was love and appreciated by residents and visitors alike.  This attraction was the community created garden.  Some called it the hippy garden but overall it was mostly referred to as The Garden and it really was a very special place at the center of much of the community of Pt. San Pablo Yacht Harbour.

The garden was started by Sai Liner and Georg Ann Muntin, two community members who really cherished accepting everyone for who and what they are.  There was a typewriter in the garden and one of the residents would regularly leave a piece of prose or poetry in the carriage of the typewriter either finished or waiting to be finished.  There were neat stones and glass and tiles as a walk way and plants and statues and art pieces from all walks of like that just added a very special character and really showed forth the caring and community oriented outlook of the harbor as a whole.  Everyone loved the garden!!

It was an alternate area of congregation to the San Pablo Bay Sportsmen’s Club the community bar/club in the harbor.  Both places had their niche but the garden was more about quiet contemplation and conversation and sunsets and the Cub was more about sport-fishing, talk of the day and libations.  Certainly all were welcome at either venue.

The garden met it’s demise in early 1999.  One of the new owners, Jim saw it as a threat perhaps to his plan for the area or he was acting out of a sense of duty to the rules of the BCDC (Bay Conservation & Development Commission).  Whatever the reason, in watching the garden of such beauty and labor of love we all felt a sense of an important member of our community being forcibly removed.  For some it was too much to bear and they moved on to other places.  For those of us who remained, some continue to miss it some have forgotten it ever existed.  There are still people who come out to this marina in search of the Garden they used to visit so even almost 20 years later the Garden is remembered and missed.

Check out the video below for a look at the garden in it’s glory days.  It also shows a good sense of the life and lifestyle of the marina.  The person who filmed the movie is Bob Burns and he was the previous owner of my current boat!

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