The last whaling station

The Del Monte Fishing CO. opened a whaling business in a wooden warehouse on pilings at Point San Pablo in the 1950s.  This station was one of only two whaling stations in the country when it was opened.  The brand name of their principal product, used mainly for poultry and cattle feed, was “Moby Dick 100% Whale Meat”.  Their logo was a blowing, grinning whale.  The station was active until harpoon cannons of the three 103ft vessels were silenced by the federal government in 1971 as a result of much prodding from ecologists.  It was the last of its kind when once the whaling was outlawed in 1971.


During it’s active years the station was manned by about 40 men who boasted they could reduce a humpback whale to oil, poultry meal and pet food in less than two hours.

Only the blackened remains of timbers & pylons have survived over the years from the waterfront fire which erupted at the retired whaling station in 1989.

In 2016 even those last pylons hare now a memory.  They were all removed in the final months of 2016.  There are no more remains to see of this last piece of whaling history.




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